Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boston Beer Wek

Quick on the heels of American Craft Beer Week came Boston Beer Week - a celebration of beers inside the 495 beltway (and a few others too). Events were not quite free, but still fun and a good excuse to go out drinking.

First up was the Kinsale for Allagash for a 'meet the brewer' event. Funny, we couldn't find the
brewer. But we did have a delicious bottle of Victor Ale for less money than its being sold at the liquor store.

Tuesday we attempted a beer bike tour. I convinced Chris and Colleen to bike to work, which is an extraordinary feat in itself. At 6 we biked over to Atwood's Tavern, a classy neighborhood spot. We downed some Smutty Nose and flattered their brewers. We then crossed back over the river to the Otherside Cafe to meet the Troeg's brewers. We did a ten beer sampler and had some of the best beer we'd ever had, and we've had a lot! By then we were pretty silly tipsy and saddled ourselves up to the brewer's table to have a full pint of their Sunshine Pils and talk shop with the guys. The bike ride home was slow and careful.

Wednesday I managed to get into the Sam Adams open house for free beer paired with molasses cookies. By Thursday I wondered if we could keep going . . . and we did.

Free beer at Champions Bar. Champions, located in the Marriott has got to be the worst touristy,
loud bar. Too bad. But this is where the beer was. Another 'meet the brewers' event, this time it
was the Harpoon guys. Strangely enough it was three of us and two random old dudes that showed. More beer for us! It was basically just pitcher after pitcher of free beer. I felt like telling other folks at the bar there was a table with free beer over there, but there was no one that looked worth hanging out with. We capped the night off with fondue and the house beer of Brasserie Jo, summery Hopla.

By the weekend we were shot. I spent Friday through Sunday catching up. But oh, what a lovely week.

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