Monday, November 08, 2010

Karma, Boston style?

I had an awful morning. Biking has become not only part of my daily routine, but something I love and do to feel connected to my city. So when I lost my headlamp - my only light and way to hold on my hat in this god-awful weather and make it possible to bike - I was pissed. After a frantic 15 minutes tearing apart the house, I found it under a pile of coats in my car.

But then one mile into my ride, pedaling face first into the wind, I regretted biking. It was cold, I was barely going 5 mph and my pants and feet were soaked. I wished I hadn't found my g-d headlamp.

So the Gods send me a sign. Gah-dunk. I get a flat tire. Thankfully I'm just 4 blocks from a bike shop. I park my bike out in front (it's not open yet) and walk the last mile to work in the rain. I've been reading Eat, Pray, Love, so on my way I do what the character, Liz, does when things go wrong. I pray, or sort of. I'm not the God believing type. I offer up an apology to the thing overseeing the karmic balance of the world.

I'm sorry I crazily ransacked my house in search of my headlamp.

I'm sorry I regretted biking to work.

I'm sorry I'm acting as miserable as the weather.

I made it to work, wet and cold, but at peace, and what happens when I check my voicemail? I've won an in-office massage party for me and 7 co-workers. I call the massage center back. They'll come by any day we'd like and give us chair massages in the conference room.

Thank you, universe.

Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm on Rick Steves (again!)

We taped this back in March, but it finally aired this weekend on public radio stations. You can download the episode on itunes or windows media.

A year ago I got on an episode to ask about where to celebrate Day of the Dead. This time we talk about my trip, in particular about connecting with locals as a woman.

I even made the episode notes:
The Lunatic Express; Open Phones: Travel Discoveries

Airdate: October 30, 2010

Program 223

Carl Hoffman describes his experiences traveling on the most notorious, over-crowded trains, planes, busses and ferries from India to the Andes and listeners share their own travel discoveries and suggestions for seeing the world.

Additional Links:

  • Carl Hoffman's website
  • Caller Megan recommends reading the collection of women's essays called "Mexico: A Love Story," edited by Camille Cusumano, and published by Seal Press
  • Caller Jeff recommends reading Graham Robb's book "The Discovery of France," published by W. W. Norton, winner of the 2008 Ondaatje Prize

Last time I got to pick a free book for being on the show. Here's hoping they can ship a copy of Rick's Netherlands guide before my December trip!