Saturday, July 25, 2009

Showing off Boston

For a few weeks each year I give up my relatively cushy job for a 70-hour work-week. My postings have fallen by the wayside, but that's not to say my adventures have. Even with 70 hours at work I use what time I have left to enjoy the sunshine that has finally graced us with it's presence.

Last weekend I had a chance to show off my city to my parents. I used this as an opportunity to eat out at fancy places I'd been eyeing the past few months--Harvest in Cambridge (divine!) and Ten Tables in JP (take it or leave it). It was also a weekend of small-world run-ins. This has been happening quite often actually. Two friends ended up getting a table directly next to us at Ten Tables. Waiting for our table for brunch at Centre Street Cafe on Sunday we ran into my highschool friend and her mom--turns out she just bought a house down the street.

Here's some sightseeing highlights:

Lantern Festival in Forest Hills Cemetery

Biking and shopping along Centre/South Street

Sam Adams Brewery tour (I've got quite the collection of free tasting glasses now.)

Sand sculpting Festival at Revere Beach

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