Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rick Steve's Radio Show

It's turning out to be an annual event that I get on Rick Steve's radio show. If you don't know Rick Steves, get to know him. His books Travel as A Political Act and Postcards from Europe are good intros, and if you're on your way to Europe anytime soon, his guidebooks are the best. He has his own PBS show and an NPR show.

So how it works is that they record a whole bunch of shows over a three day period a few times a year. They send out to their listserv the guests and topics and ask you to submit a question. If they like yours they'll let you know what time to expect a call. Then you get to be on the show!

Last year I got a call while I was down working in Connecticut. I got on the Mexico City show and got to ask a quick question, heard a long answer and then said goodbye. This year we ended having a discussion about my travels in Mexico in general - cheap cooking classes, a collection of short stories by women I read that inspired me to connect with people and male machismo. Turned out to be a good several minute talk.

So I'm unsure which show I'll be on, but all the more reason to make sure you're listening to every episode!

There's still time to be on yourself. Check here for the recording schedule for today and tomorrow and comment to get on. (You'll get a free book for participating.)

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