Friday, September 11, 2009

Explore Your Backyard!

I hate the word 'Staycations': the idea that folks don't have the money or time (or imagination) to actually take a real vacation, so they take a few days off and vacation at home.

All these blogs that love the idea of staycations need to get out a bit more.

Websites like Supereco recommend going to the library, investigating a local farmer's market and trying a new restaurant. I'm of the mind that you should be doing all these things already. If you need a staycation to check books out of the library, shop at a farmer's market and try a restaurant then something is wrong. Even I work 60 hour weeks and manage to fit these things in.

Home and Garden magazine recommends planning a tv night or gardening. I wonder what these writers do when they go on vacations. Consumer Reports gets a little more edgy recommending train rides and going to museums. Again, one should do these things in normal life.

So this labor day weekend I refuse to label my activities as a 'Staycation.' What I had was a series of backyard adventures.

Friday's adventure started out with a picnic after work in front of the Harvard libaray. We wildly brown bagged a few bottles of wine and snacked on some cheeses. I got a few giggles from students when I recycled the bottles at the library when we were done.

As usual I found a coupon code for our entertainment for the night: (hint: the code is MANIA) Donkey Show. Regularly priced tickets at $28 were just $14 for us. And before you freak, it's not that kind of donkey show, well, not really. Donkey Show is Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream set to disco in a disco. The show happens all around you and with you. Glittery, scantilly clad, gay boys dance around and bring you into the action. The characters are wildly dressed in spandex and roller skates or orange polyester suits and afros. After the show we stuck around and danced for another hour. I forgot how fun silly 70's music could be.

That guy behind him is just an unsuspecting audience member. Perhaps not so unsuspecting, though? His outfit is pretty wild too.

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